The Kodiak Bible Chapel is committed to getting out the Word by Sharing Jesus Christ, celebrating in corporate worship, identifying additional places of service, committing ourselves to continual personal growth, and encouraging individuals and families to live lives that honor God.
416 Island Lake Rd.
PO Box 1245 
Kodiak, AK  99615

Phone: 907-486-5219
Fax: 907-486-8331


The History of Kodiak Bible Chapel

World War II woke up the little town of Kodiak. What had once been a small fishing village became a strategic military base in the North Pacific. The population swelled from a few hundred to thousands of people. The government built military and civil service housing while fortifying the island against potential invasion.  Bunkers and gun sites were built across the island.  Kodiak was changed forever. In 1945 the war ended, but Kodiak did not revert back to the sleepy village it once was. The U.S. Navy maintained its presence in Kodiak until the base was turned over to the U.S. Coast Guard in 1972. Coast Guard personnel and their families continue to be an important part of Kodiak’s community.

Peter Deyneka, Sr., founder of Slavic Gospel Association, came to Kodiak in 1953 to survey the need of an additional evangelical presence in Kodiak. WalterCovich, S.G.A. field Chairman, and Peter Deyneka Sr. met with Kodiak resident and shoe repairman DeWitt Fields. DeWitt shared their vision and gave them $1,000 toward the purchase of a building in down-town Kodiak.  It was originally opened as a Christian Servicemen’s Center, but by 1954, S.G.A. appointed Rev. Paul Schoeming as the first missionary pastor of the Kodiak Christian Center.

In 1964, the original building was severely damaged in the Good Friday earthquake and resulting tsunami.  Rather than rebuilding, new property was purchased and a new building erected.  The Kodiak Christian Center became the Kodiak Bible Chapel and moved into its present site in 1967.

The Kodiak Bible Chapel continued as a Slavic Gospel Association church until 1973. As an independent Bible Church, the Kodiak Bible Chapel affiliated itself with the Pacific Northwest District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. CMA Pastors have served the congregation ever since.  In the mid 1980’s, a two-story 7,100 square foot addition was built to bring the building to its current size.

We look forward with anticipation to what God will continue to do in Kodiak and beyond through the people and ministries of the Kodiak Bible Chapel.